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(Re)discovering ourselves with strength and unity

Stories from the first cycle of the Janainas project

Last Friday, we kicked off the third cycle of the Janainas (re)discovery project with a bang! A lively group full of curiosity came together to rediscover themselves and share the challenges of migration in a safe environment. It was an exciting and inspiring meeting!

Through carefully planned activities and conversations, we once again navigated the complex universe that is the experience of migrating. The second photo, with the big collective hug, perfectly summarises what this fresh start means for all of us: unity makes strength, as my mother would say. The union of women gives us strength, joy and the certainty that we can move forward together.

Tomorrow we'll have the second meeting of the cycle and we're looking forward to the exchanges to come. At the first meeting, we shared stories and experiences. Now it's time to dream together! Dreaming with joy and hope is something that motivates us and drives us forward.

We would like to thank Evelyne (@programafarolando) and Val for their impeccable organisation and inspiring leadership of this magical meeting. Thank you, sisters! Together we are stronger!

With great affection,

Nati, from Janainas

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