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We present the new Janainas website

Our digital house is reborn so that we can continue to strengthen immigrant, Brazilian and Portuguese-speaking women* in Berlin

The new website features a more modern, responsive and interactive layout, providing a more pleasant and intuitive browsing experience on any device. The new visual identity, more colorful and vibrant, reflects not only the colors of Janas, but also celebrates the energy, diversity and strength of the community of women that Janainas represents.

We believe that access to information and technology is fundamental to empowering women. Our new website is another step in this commitment, offering tools and resources that facilitate access to services, opportunities, events, this blog (ihuuu 🥳🥳) and our loving support network in Germany.

We thank @agencialira.oficial for this powerful and vibrant work! How beautiful!♥️

With a lot of joy!

Lívia, Eve & Janainas

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