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Save the Date: "Mulheres Que Contam" Project with Janainas

This month's anniversary project "MQC - Mulheres Que Contam" will have the presence and report of the Janainas team and its founders.

In the anniversary month of the NGO Janainas, we are pleased to announce a special edition of the "Mulheres Que Contam" project. And guess who the stars will be this time? The birthday girls themselves! MQC Janainas arriving at the Parade! 👏🏼

The Origin of the Project

In the beginning, the aim of the project was self-healing. We wanted to take care of ourselves and, in the process, we discovered the transformative power of telling our stories. This practice not only helped us reflect, but also allowed us to find our ground. By sharing our experiences, we meet other deities on the same journey. Each path opened brought more women willing to tell their stories.

Growth and Solidarity

As the project grew and deepened, the solidarity and generosity between us also strengthened. We care for each other's hearts and souls, healing collectively with each new story shared.

A Collective History

This time, our meeting will be about our joint history: the history of Janainas! With your multiple personalities and desires, we form a powerful and diverse whole.

Come and hear about this immense flowering that resulted — and continues to result — in a vibrant garden, full of different forms and essences. It will be an unforgettable night!


We will be attended by:

- Talita Crozeta

- Evelyne Leandro

- Adriana Santos

- Daniela Gaeta

- Leticia Uter

- Tati Kaliandra - Valquiria Ferreira

- Natalia Pais

Event Information

The event is open to everyone and is free, but any donation is always welcome! ✨

Participate! Don't miss this opportunity to celebrate and connect with the inspiring story of the founding of our beloved NGO.

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